Conditions - GreenLight pályázatok 2018-2024




  1. The processing and evaluation of the applications

We have introduced a one-round application system.

In processing the applications, we apply a colation method for the faulty applications. Its incidence rate, however, is usually low because one cannot step forward in the electronic system if a required field is left empty. The application can be submitted in any case only if every field is filled in properly.


We kindly ask the applicants to introduce themselves and their activity because we don’t know anything about them apart from the information they share with us in their application material. Therefore, if the applicant forgets introducing his activity, his company, his foundation or its beneficiary, we cannot evaluate his application. Therefore, we emphatically ask every candidates to remember introducing himself on the data sheet of the grant.


Our decision concerning whom we can support depends on our available resources and the received applications. In providing support, there will be cases where we will be able to fully grant the request while some other cases might have to be regrettably rejected.

The final decision on providing the support depends on several factors. It depends on the number and quality of the received applications and their relation to each other.  

The grant contains a predetermined amount that will be shared out by all means.

Commercially, those candidates will enjoy priority who can offer us publicity in their region, or we can see possibilities for further cooperation with them.


  • The support frame of the tender

In each tender, we are planning to support a maximum of 3 to 9 candidates. The planned frame of support is the available 1000 USD per candidate.


  1. Notification on successful applications and gaining support,

Delivery of the grant awarded,

Making contract


After evaluating the applications, we finalize the list of grant awarded candidates and we get in touch with them and start allocating support by online bank transfers. Sometimes, for further clarification, we might ask the candidates for a file copy of public operating licences (like company, institutional, or the fondation’s operating licence) or documents proving their legal existence (like certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association) to be enclosed electronically to the application form of the grant.

In case it has not happened, we ask for submitting the certificates and documents electronically at the time of signing the contracts.

The support contract contains all the conditions of contracting and the deadline of submission of all the necessary documents to it. The candidate loses the right for gaining the support if the contract is not created within the deadline given in the notification letter owing to a failure on the candidate’s part or to any other reason within the circle of his responsibility. 


  1. Releasing the list of grant awarded candidates

The list of grant awarded candidates will be released and finalized 15 to 30 days, but sometimes only within few days, after the closing of applications. They will be seen on our webpage by clicking on „grant awarded candidates” in the scroll-down menu.


  1. Evaluations and refusals

The applications will be evaluated only from commercial point of view.


We are convinced that our tender and the data sheet for application is so simple and clear that the candidates won’t need to involve an applications writer from outside. When filling in the application form, the candidate is expected to provide simple, clear and easily understandable information.


As we cannot check the authenticity of the content of the applications, we ask all the candidates to give simple and honest answers based on mutual trust.


The applications proved to be unfirm don’t take part in the further evaluation process and Xpertstudio Ltd. has accomplished its task in application management by reading it through.


As the number of submitted applications is rising, the competition among the candidates will increase as well, which may result in a higher number of refusals.


As it is a tender, i.e. a competition for our resources, it is unavoidable that a number of the candidates won’t gain support. To submit an application is voluntary, and considering its possible refusal belongs to the circle of the applicant’s responsibility.


Those candidates who fail to send back the confirmation and/or to send back the signed contract within 60 days after the closing of the applications, have to face the possibility of not gaining the awarded support.


There is no appeal against the decision made in the evaluation process, on the  applicant’s part.


  1. Application processing fee

To take part in the competition, the applicants have to pay a fee. At submitting the application, the candidates will have to click on the „Pay fee” button, after this, they have to click on the „Download music” button. By downloading music, the candidate has validated his application.


Based on our experiences, free of charge enrollment for competitions can lead to chaos. Therefore, we have found it necessary to introduce this filter to eliminate the not serious candidates.


  1. Inappropriate behaviour on the applicant’s part

The candidate binds himself to behave respectfully toward the other candidates and the tender management respecting their public, business and private sphere. By doing so, not defaming them on the internet or elswhere with special attention on avoiding any racist, discriminative, pornographic or sexually humiliating comments or contents on them, and he abstains from doing any kinds of intimidation, threat and harassment.


It is strictly forbidden to get access to the personal data of the other participants without the deliberate consent of the latter. Xpertstudio Ltd. maintains the right to shut those applicants out of the competition without preliminary warning or notification who violates the cultured tone of communication (the gestures of denying the authenticity of our tender, pressing, intimidation and demanding are all counted here).


  1. Is the state of being needy taken into consideration at an application?

Our tender is basically not a social one. Therefore, the primary consideration at evaluating an application will be its economic and social use and to what extent the grant can support the aims and intentions described by the candidates on their application data sheets. Apart from this, the examiner does not eliminate the possibility of considering the aspect of „being needy”, however, he maintains the right to determine its rate or its refusal. Therefore, if „being needy” is a decisive factor on the applicant’s part, he should not bring this factor to the fore when trying to convince us.


  1. The accepted but unawarded candidates

What happens to those candidates whose applications have received positive evaluation but have not become beneficiaries? In case of such candidates whose applications have convinced us but we did not have enough left to support them, we maintain the right to invite them free of charge to take part in our next tender. (In this case, he will get a notification from us.)




  1. Our attitude in inviting tenders

As we are convinced that most of the tenders are either too complicated (there is a need for the help of an applications writer from outside), too expensive or there are too many obligations for everyday people, our aim is to provide possibilities for them, too. We are of the opinion that every good idea deserves consideration. Therefore gaining a support is not a matter of good luck at our tenders. Our aim is to support any innovative solutions and creative ideas.


The tenders don’t contain any further, hidden costs! The support amounts of the different tenders cannot be combined. All the necessary information is contained in the tender description. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will be back to you in 24 hours.

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