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Your application has been accepted!

Please be patient until the decision. In case of a positive assessment, we will notify you at the given e-mail address!

Please download the music album in the meantime.



Another World (09:52) Download
Deuterium (04:31) Download
Human Destiny (05:26) Download
Matrix (07:37) Download
Invisible Man (09:55) Download
Summer 2004 (09:55) Download
The Beginning (06:40) Download

On his album Another World, he evokes the revolutionary sense of life that pervades a person’s life and the birth of a new world with electronic dance music melodies made with FL Studio.

The album cannot be purchased and can only be downloaded at the same time as paying the application processing fee. Songs are unique intellectual creations that are protected by copyright.

Author Gergely Varsányi.
The market value of the songs is $ 29

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